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i had a really good day today, eventhough i am still coughing up nasty stuff, but at least the nasty stuff is coming up right?

beto didn't work because it's so friggin cold. which is cool because if he was working i would totally have a case of catholic guilt going on. work was ok, same old drama from the bittys, but you can't teach old dogs new tricks, you just have to learn to live with the quirks. they let us start watching movies everyday so i don't have to talk to dawnise, now if i could just get her to shut up long enough so i could hear the movie i'll be alright. Cortez has already finished his homework and is currently waiting on his dinner to cool down so that he can eat and i've only been home like 45 minutes. this is awesome. i guess once this routine gets down pat i will be able to watch my tv again. this weekend is the official start of the holiday season for my family. starting friday night we will be christmas light looking and christmas talking and planning from here on out. crazy busy. i'll have to take the whole month of january off so that i don't kill them.

beto made his world famous (well, famous to my world) chicken soup and rice. and he just made my plate, so let me go so i can eat. (he did not however, buy any coke at the store, he thought it would be better to make kool-aid, theoretically that is a cheaper idea, if you know how to make kool-aid here's a hint for everyone out there: add sugar it makes a world of difference.)

i love my computer. ok bye all.
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