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OH MY Fing GOD!!!

I hate my job. I hate my boss. And, more importantly, I hate whichever of the bitch-asses in my office decided to look at some porno website and download some crazy-ass virus. Now, in addition to dealing with the crazy-ass customers and crazy-ass bitches in the office, I can't even escape to the internet.

THANK GOD FOR GAMEBOY! and Robert's Golden Sun game. I have been consumed for, oh, i don't know, like four whole days. Good news, it's passing time until viki-zilla decides to let us play games again, Bad news, i've almost finished the game. But, I went by the library tonight and got the entire Chronicles of Narnia, I've never read them and I figured, "hey, i got the time" plus I thing Jenn might like them. Ah, who am I kidding, she's already read them, and even if she hasn't she could read all seven books in like two hours.

So, i'm chilling at mom's house finishing up my laundry that got way out of hand and my washer and dryer is slowly dying (plus i didn't have any washing powder) So, in between trying to find a cell phone for Beto (if he would just be patient I trying to talk Amy into adding a phone on to her plan and giving it to him for Christmas) and looking up visa information for my in-laws, i decided to chit-chat with you all.

I miss you.

How have you been?


oh thanks for asking, i'm cool except that i have no internet. We still haven't gotten word on Beto's visa. So, keep your fingers crossed my imaginary friends. Jenn got tickets to The Shakespeare Tavern for the day after Thanksgiving (or in my crazy world-the day before Thanksgiving) Yeah, that day is gonna be uber-crazy-busy.

Well, gotta head out the B-man is headed this way with my little "stupidman" (who has beautiful teeth according to the dentist today) no doubt to try and play some games or watch some cartoons. either way, gotta go so he won't see me typing and think i have found a hot, young thing to whisk me away from all his madness. (yeah, i just put that there because he's reading over my shoulder)

Well, i'm out. (still stalling) (stall) (stall, stall, stall) (stally, stally, stally) (stally, mcstall-stall) ok, for real, i'm going.

Sorry, i didn't get a chance to read my friends page. I do care about you all. really. no. i'm being serious. ok, gotta go.

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