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i'm sick.

i think i'm dying.

it's probably just the flu.

i'm sick.

and my birthday party is on thursday. mom and dad are taking me to dinner at red lobster tonight. then, tomorrow the lady from the clean air campaign is coming to my office to deliver my $25 visa gift card. and after work me and amy are going to get our feet done and eyebrows waxed. then, thursday is the par-tay. and friday is the concert. saturday i have no definate plans but amy wants to go to a haunted house. i would like it if a group of people went with me and not just amy-she thinks it's funny when i get so friggin' scared i almost wet my pants. then, sunday is my actual birthday and i don't know what i'm gonna do. amy says we should do something but i don't know what. in the mix of all that i need to get the supplies for my halloween costume and actually make it. maybe that's a saturday/sunday thing. so that i can come to work dressed up on monday. i still need to get cortez's costume. his school, instead of doing halloween, has decided to dress up as clowns and have clown day. cute idea but cortez wanted to be superman. (when he says it-it sounds like "stupidman"-funny, also, if you can get him to say i love my horse and fishes it sounds like he's saying "i love my whores and bitches"-really funny) so, now i have to convince him that a clown is a cool costume. when, it's really lame. maybe i can dress him as one of those demon clowns, ha ha ha matthew (my little brother) would shit himself if cortez snuck up on him dressed like a demon clown (he's scared of clowns).

anyway, so i'm checking out. this past sunday we went to agatha's. we were supposed to go on saturday, but my family waits until the last minute to do anything so they were booked for saturday, which really sucked because i could have gone to nc with jennifer if i'd have known we weren't gonna go to agatha's until sunday. heh that's life. maybe i'll go curl up in the showroom and take a nap. i could see it now "don't mind the fat girl in the corner, she's just dying, isn't this hat lovely?" yeah, they care around here. i'm gonna have chili for lunch, maybe that will make me feel better.
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