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ok so i haven't posted in a while so i thought i would let my adoring public know what's going on. i just got off my period. yeah for periods. and i'm still pms-ing. everyone in this office, well, not everyone, but a lot just the same, is getting on my effing nerves. (ps-don't ask me how to operate the voicemail system if your not going to trust that i know what i'm talking about. if you don't think i know what i'm doing, don't ask me how i operate something. k?) anyway, so i'm ill, but i'm trying to get myself pumped up. i am going to the perry fair this weekend, which is cool. then next weekend we are going to agatha's for dinner theatre, then the next weekend i have my birthday party at compound on the 27th, then my mom got me tickets to the brooks and dunn/big and rich concert on friday, and then sunday is my birthday and i'm sure we'll go to dinner or something, then monday is halloween and i get to dress-up. i'm going as a basketcase this year (keeping in the tradition of being voted "most funniest" first year i was a bloomin' idiot and had flowers coming from everywhere, second year i was PWT and honey i looked as redneck as they come) i'm going to get little baskets and put them all over me, which means i need to make a trip to the farmer's market and buy the baskets. which takes money. and i just don't have that.
anyway, i'm off to win more pictures at mcdonald's. i've one 125 4x6 prints so far. i rock.
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