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good god

i haven't updated this thing in like...forever. so, here goes, i'll try to be brief.

the visa appointment=bad

beto got denied. so now he's chilling in mexico while i'm up here working my ass off to try to support our kid with absolutely no help from him. not even encouragment. he's FINALLY found a job down there and earn the money for a coyote to bring him back illegally. i keep telling him we'll just wait it out. he can't live without me...or can he? he's just decided to tell me that he is rekindling things with his ex-girlfriend. nice, huh? if, we wait, we'll have to wait until july 2008 to re-apply for his visa.


when i got back from mexico i moved in with mom and dad and realized that eventhough i work, i don't have enough money to pay my own bills. i took summer semester off because i couldn't afford it. but, i'll start fall semester on aug. 16. i'll get my pell grant and some student loan payments so that will help me catch up and save back. now that i beto found a job i don't have to worry about sending him money every two weeks. GAWD! now, me and amy have moved into a trailer in her neighborhood. (she got a job working as assistant property manager there)

being single, again=the jury's still out

got a couple prospects i'm working on. i'm not really trying to settle down. i just want someone who will keep my mind busy and my appetite satisfied. just for a little while. maybe something more permanent will come later (once beto decides what the crap he wants out of life) so here's a brief run down...

david-he's a friend of one of my new friends. (i never thought i would like hanging out with rednecks, but it's kinda cool for a little while) has gorgeous blue eyes. he's older than me and way more messed up. (yeah, i didn't think it was possible either) he's not panning out too well because he has lots of drama and honestly he plays too many games. i need a open relationship where all parties know exactly what's going on at all times. with him, you never know. (i don't even think he knows)

fransisco-my latin lover. that's it. he's cool, when he wants to be. he's helping amy and me move. but, he's a pretty boy, and you know how that is. they love attention and girls love giving it to him. (shooooot, i know i do, ha ha ha) he has wishy-washy issues. kinda hard to describe. however, since we've been chatting all week. you know, actually talking instead of running off to the room, we've gotten some ground rules and we know exactly where we stand with one another. (he's having a good week, what can i say, although, it's only thursday-there's still time to mess it up)

anyway, tonight is orientation for cortez's school. and then this weekend is aquarium and moving. lots of fun.

missed you guys, holla back at me!!
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