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ok, i'm sorry

i didn't make it to new years eve with the lost boys. (sorry) when beto's plans fell through with his friends i decided to just stay home with him. i mean, who wants to be alone at midnight? right? but, to those who were there i say, i will see you soon my brothers and sisters in teal; and we will rock the midnight oil then.


i have some really great news!

beto got his appointment time for his visa.

i know. i'm excited too. it's okay to dance with joy.

but, it's a lot of stress and preparation before we go. i have to get SEVERAL documents translated into english and spanish. and gather pictures and other various "evidence" items. but, the upside is i will finally get my month long mexican vacation. super cool? i'd say so. eventhough we're not really going to the vacation hotspots. i like it this way though, i can see how the people really live down there. it looks like we'll be gone from feb. 24 through mar. 23. i really wanted to be there for beto's birthday and this way we are leaving the day after. if i can talk viki into it, i'd like to stay for five weeks and come back around the first of april. we'll see.

well i gotta go, i'm at work and big brother's watching.

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