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did you know that yahoo has games you can play?

well, they do. and that is the new obsession in the office. there is a game named text twist that the three amigas are addicted to. apparently, the game works by the computer giving you 6 letters and you have to come up with as many words as you can with those letters. so, at any given moment, you can hear one of the three amigas screaming "memo" "demo" "dome" and other various words. i know this because they have decided to camp out at the desk in front of mine for the "text twist tournament." can you be arrested for noise pollution? (come on-i know i have a cop friend-there's gotta be some kind of charges i can press. is there a law against being annoying? if not i think i should potition senate to enact one)

well, jenn's going to ncrf this weekend. cool for her. i am going to agatha's (it's a comedy/dinnershow/mystery theatre) we were supposed to go on saturday night, but my effing lazy-a family have decided that yesterday (three days before the show) they were going to make the reservation. and, of course, they are all booked for saturday-which means we have to go either friday (my mom can't go because she is having a house-warming party) or sunday (which may conflict with some people's church schedules-if they go to church) so, basically, i may not be able to go to agatha's at all. yeah, happy birthday to me.

next week is jam packed full. thursday is my birthday party at compound. only 5 people have confirmed. woo hoo. we are gonna throw down.

beto has turned into crazy psycho jealous boy detective and is annoying the crap out of me all the time. here's the evidence he has lost his mind:

last wed.:
he wakes me up at 10:30 at night (granted i was only half-asleep) to come into the kitchen and cook him some dinner. he has just come in from his and Jaimee (our roomate) weekly two hour trip to the store. i mean come on-the store is the size of a closet, if you can't find the stuff easily, then something is wrong with you. so he wakes me up and i start whipping up some good stuff and the whole time he's talking to me (1. i'm ill because i am awake) he says "you are worried i'll come up to your work and watch you?" what? you freak. no, because until this moment i thought you were a rational person who did not have stalker tendencies. but, now that you say that. wait, i'm not worried anyway because i'm not doing anything to be worried about. (as some of you may remember-when my husband and i split up almost two years ago, i had a relationship with one of my coworkers-he has since been fired, so it's not even like that temptation is there so he can just BACK THE F OFF ME)

last sun:
we are at my mom's house. my sister is chatting online with her new boyfriend (who is really an old friend) in egypt. my tattoo is in arabic so she wants to show him so that he can translate it, even thought i already know what it says. beto is currently walking out the door to go to my aunt's house to help her wash her truck because my uncle is coming in from the road on monday. he goes outside to get cortez and bring him in because he's leaving and of course, he comes into the room where i am currently showing my tattoo to some crazy egyptian guy online. later, on the way home he says "you told me to go help your aunt because you wanted to go back there with amy and chat with that guy" ok, no. you wanted to go help her, i didn't tell you to. and amy asked me to show the tattoo, i didn't go dancing around saying "ooo, look at me, look at me" (my tattoo is on my back at the base of my neck-not even a privet place so he can BACK THE F OFF ME)

then, last night:
after he has made his weekly, two hour trip to the store with Jaimee, he comes home and we need to go give my older brother a ride home from work. we get home and i'm outside smoking my nightly "before i go to bed" cigarette-he comes outside and we're chit chatting about going to the compound for my birthday. he has decided that eventhough it is latin night and they will be playing spanish music, it's a stupid club and he doesn't want to go. he's never been, and he's always bitching he wants to go dancing at one of the clubs downtown, but now, all the sudden, he doesn't want to go, and he wants to make me feel stupid because i do. fine, whatever. then, we are discussing this weekend's agatha's escapade where he comments to me "i know, after you leave there you're going to go somewhere else." what? you know? the show starts at 7:00 and it's three hours long which means we won't even get out of there until 10:00. then, another 30 minutes to get home. so, i'll be getting home around 10:30 or 11:00. (i have to go to work the next day. yeah, i'm gonna feel like running the streets. sure. BACK THE F OFF ME)

so, as you can see, he's tripping out for no apparent reason. any opinions as to how i can make him feel better and confident in our relationship would be appreciated. i have invited him to all of my birthday activities and he has turned me down everytime. i just don't know what else to do.

well, i have to get to work. (or pretend to work) see ya later!

(fragile_star made me a new icon, and it totally rocks my socks!! garth brooks is SOOO HOT-AY!)
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