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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
11:37 am - good god
i haven't updated this thing in like...forever. so, here goes, i'll try to be brief.

the visa appointment=bad

beto got denied. so now he's chilling in mexico while i'm up here working my ass off to try to support our kid with absolutely no help from him. not even encouragment. he's FINALLY found a job down there and earn the money for a coyote to bring him back illegally. i keep telling him we'll just wait it out. he can't live without me...or can he? he's just decided to tell me that he is rekindling things with his ex-girlfriend. nice, huh? if, we wait, we'll have to wait until july 2008 to re-apply for his visa.


when i got back from mexico i moved in with mom and dad and realized that eventhough i work, i don't have enough money to pay my own bills. i took summer semester off because i couldn't afford it. but, i'll start fall semester on aug. 16. i'll get my pell grant and some student loan payments so that will help me catch up and save back. now that i beto found a job i don't have to worry about sending him money every two weeks. GAWD! now, me and amy have moved into a trailer in her neighborhood. (she got a job working as assistant property manager there)

being single, again=the jury's still out

got a couple prospects i'm working on. i'm not really trying to settle down. i just want someone who will keep my mind busy and my appetite satisfied. just for a little while. maybe something more permanent will come later (once beto decides what the crap he wants out of life) so here's a brief run down...

david-he's a friend of one of my new friends. (i never thought i would like hanging out with rednecks, but it's kinda cool for a little while) has gorgeous blue eyes. he's older than me and way more messed up. (yeah, i didn't think it was possible either) he's not panning out too well because he has lots of drama and honestly he plays too many games. i need a open relationship where all parties know exactly what's going on at all times. with him, you never know. (i don't even think he knows)

fransisco-my latin lover. that's it. he's cool, when he wants to be. he's helping amy and me move. but, he's a pretty boy, and you know how that is. they love attention and girls love giving it to him. (shooooot, i know i do, ha ha ha) he has wishy-washy issues. kinda hard to describe. however, since we've been chatting all week. you know, actually talking instead of running off to the room, we've gotten some ground rules and we know exactly where we stand with one another. (he's having a good week, what can i say, although, it's only thursday-there's still time to mess it up)

anyway, tonight is orientation for cortez's school. and then this weekend is aquarium and moving. lots of fun.

missed you guys, holla back at me!!
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
9:05 am - okay, this is wierd.
this is where jennifer sent me. i swear if it wasn't for her i would go stark raving mad.


alright, i can't remember where i left off but you get the point i have to pay my brother's phone bill.

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8:49 am - i'm a spaz
ok, so since we last spoke i have been up to my ears in drama. beto got his appointment time to go to mexico, so i have 37 more days to plan a four week vacation.

drama #1: we are driving to mexico. to drive your car across the border you need to pay for a permit. to apply for a permit you need a copy of the title for your car. if your car is being financed and therefore you do not have a copy of the title of your car (which i am and i don't) then you must get a copy from the seller of your car along with a letter granting thier permission to pass your car across the border. sounds easy, right? no. i called steve rayman chrysler jeep to get that information and since capitol one actually financed my car, i have to get that information from them. so, i called capitol one and surprise they are being assholes. they say since i have not made 12 payments on my car then they won't give the letter. so, i get my mom to call back and raise hell (i'm a chickenshit) and she talks them (because it's a family emergency) into giving me the letter and copy of title, all i have to do is fax over a written request for said information along with a copy of the policy for mexican car insurance since the insurance we have here does not work once you cross the border. (mexico as a country does not require you to have car insurance by the way it's just capitol one being asses.) so i check into getting insurance for the car. still working on that.

drama #2:
getting mexican car insurance is easy enough if you're not an idiot. i am an idiot. i searched the information online and found a website i can order it through. just to get a quote, i looked up how much liability would cost. just about $100, cool. so i ordered it. then, i started thinking, if capitol one requires i have full coverage insurance on my car here, wouldn't they require the same thing if not more when i travel? so, i call customer service for the insurance company to change the policy. in order to do so they have to cancel the original policy and write up a new one. cool. make it so. the new cost of insurance policy: $350.92. crazy i know. even more crazy, the charge for the new policy is declined because they haven't creditted the $100 for the original policy yet.

i gotta go, jennifer's got some crazy driver's liscence gag to do on me. she thinks i'm an idiot. i swear. or, i am just her playtoy.

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
8:23 am - ok, i'm sorry
i didn't make it to new years eve with the lost boys. (sorry) when beto's plans fell through with his friends i decided to just stay home with him. i mean, who wants to be alone at midnight? right? but, to those who were there i say, i will see you soon my brothers and sisters in teal; and we will rock the midnight oil then.


i have some really great news!

beto got his appointment time for his visa.

i know. i'm excited too. it's okay to dance with joy.

but, it's a lot of stress and preparation before we go. i have to get SEVERAL documents translated into english and spanish. and gather pictures and other various "evidence" items. but, the upside is i will finally get my month long mexican vacation. super cool? i'd say so. eventhough we're not really going to the vacation hotspots. i like it this way though, i can see how the people really live down there. it looks like we'll be gone from feb. 24 through mar. 23. i really wanted to be there for beto's birthday and this way we are leaving the day after. if i can talk viki into it, i'd like to stay for five weeks and come back around the first of april. we'll see.

well i gotta go, i'm at work and big brother's watching.


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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
8:30 pm
i am really off schedule today because i didn't go to work. cortez was up half the night last night throwing up. i should have known he'd get sick when monday alex got sick up at lenox.

so, i had to run out tonight and get the stuff to make my salad for the pot luck tomorrow. but i got it done. (spent WAY too much money)

well, my brain power is slowly dying and my dear i'm still goodbying, but as long as the internet's on, let me go let me go let me go.

woooooo, ok, bye

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7:59 pm - omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
beto was walking out the door just now to go have dinner with his boss. (sidenote: i'm never invited, or maybe i am and beto just imagines that i don't want to go) and so i bring up what we were doing for new years. he says he has no plans and asks what i want to do. i remind him that he knows already that i really want to go to the lost boys show. so he says well i guess so. then he says he'll keep cortez so that he's not out so late and that i have to get a ride with jennifer just in case he wants to go to tuza's house. i say that's cool and then he tells me to wait until lunch time tomorrow to give him time to talk to tuza because if tuza's not doing anything then he's not going all the way down there for nothing and then he would really like to not be alone in the house with cortez for new years. i totally understand because i wouldn't want that either. so, at lunchtime tomorrow i will know for sure if i am going to the new years eve lost boys show. oh my god. i need to fill up my flask that jennifer bought me for christmas.

speaking of christmas, this is a short list of what i got....

playing cards (with care bears)
pin and notepad set (in teal)
kitchen crap
did i just say laptop?
yes, my friends i did
i know
my mom loves me

cortez got a whole bunch of crap including various toys, dvds, and clothes. we also got him his own 3ft. christmas tree that he decorated.

beto got some other stuff he really didn't appreciate with the exception of the leather jacket my mom got him.

well, i can't focus on anything else because i am so excited about new years. i hope jennifer can give me a ride. i really don't want to ride alone. but, i think her car may be full. not sure. have to check. woo hoo.

ok, i am going now because i am even getting on my own nerves.

current mood: will he say yes?
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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
6:19 pm
i had a really good day today, eventhough i am still coughing up nasty stuff, but at least the nasty stuff is coming up right?

beto didn't work because it's so friggin cold. which is cool because if he was working i would totally have a case of catholic guilt going on. work was ok, same old drama from the bittys, but you can't teach old dogs new tricks, you just have to learn to live with the quirks. they let us start watching movies everyday so i don't have to talk to dawnise, now if i could just get her to shut up long enough so i could hear the movie i'll be alright. Cortez has already finished his homework and is currently waiting on his dinner to cool down so that he can eat and i've only been home like 45 minutes. this is awesome. i guess once this routine gets down pat i will be able to watch my tv again. this weekend is the official start of the holiday season for my family. starting friday night we will be christmas light looking and christmas talking and planning from here on out. crazy busy. i'll have to take the whole month of january off so that i don't kill them.

beto made his world famous (well, famous to my world) chicken soup and rice. and he just made my plate, so let me go so i can eat. (he did not however, buy any coke at the store, he thought it would be better to make kool-aid, theoretically that is a cheaper idea, if you know how to make kool-aid here's a hint for everyone out there: add sugar it makes a world of difference.)

i love my computer. ok bye all.

current mood: grateful
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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
7:34 pm
ok, so yesterday's entry was super crybaby-ish and i'm sorry. i am trying to be upbeat and appreciative of what i have.

i have great friends (real-life and imaginary)

i have a family who loves me and i love (eventhough i want to disown them sometimes)

i have a job

i live in a house with heat

no one in my family is recently dead or dying

i have food to eat(that's a big one)

i have internet and cable and tv and other various entertaining stuffis

i am very grateful for all of this things. yeah.

now, the question of the day....

if your brother, who you love but agrivates you to the point you want to cut off his air supply sometimes, and his girlfriend, who is really closer to your age and is uber-cool and you love like your sister from another mother, break-up.....is it ok to still be close with her? or is that wierd? because i totally love lauren and i think she was really meant to be my friend not todd's girlfriend. and it's not our fault that todd (or as i now call him "toad") is stupid and messed things up forever with her.
i mean, she loves the lost boys, how could i not be her friend?

on to more exciting things..Cortez wants Cinderella for Christmas. He says he's the boy one and cinduhwella is his woman. what can i say, he's got good taste.

ok, gotta go eat dinner and my soap opera is coming on I LOVE TELEMUNDO!!

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Monday, December 12th, 2005
11:31 pm - oh my f-ing god!

I am so mad at my brother.

 I hate him.

 I am officially disowning him.

And adopting Lauren. (I've already bought her Christmas, I haven't even thought about what I was gonna get Todd. That tells you something)(ps-Lau, i totally found your shirt at spencer's,,,,it says, and i quote "rub my nuts for good luck" and has the cutest squirrel on it.)

 I am totally not handling the Christmas season very well....Bah, humbug! (That reminds me, I totally wanted to go see Christmas Carol at the Shakespeare Tavern and now I can't because my family has me so booked up until I die~which, god willing, is like right now~~no, god, sorry, i don't mean that~)

Still have a bad cough, I sound like an old Jewish lady from new york who is vacationing in FL. All I need is a bouffant wig and some of those Scarface "big-as-my-ass-lenses" sunglasses.

Work sucks. I quit. (not really, someone's gotta pay the bills around here.)

 Well, it's late and i need to wash my ass. Goodnight. (if there will ever be a good night again)




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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
12:04 am - I'M BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

So, no more excuses. You guys will be seeing a lot more of me in the days to come.

Update on my life....

Well, I still have not bought anything in the way of gifts for Christmas (well, except for Jennifer's)

Beto still has not heard anything from the Visa center about when we need to go to Mexico. (No Mexican-leave-your-shoes-out-for-the-Christmas-donkey experience)(Well, this year anyway)

I have registered for my classes at West Georgia. I am taking an English course and a History course. Only two at first until I get back into the swing of things.

I have been approved for a Pell grant to pay for above mentioned classes. And, it looks like I will only have to pay out-of-pocket for like two of my books. (yes, i am doing the happy dance as i type)

Lauren has not died and/or fallen off of the face of the planet. It turns out that **big surprise** my brother is a fuck up and is on the way to losing her if he doesn't straighten his act up.

Um, i am sick again and am currently dosed up on Nyquil!! (or however you spell it)

So, since I am falling asleep as I type, I will leave you with this.....

"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"


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Monday, November 14th, 2005
10:02 pm - OH MY Fing GOD!!!
I hate my job. I hate my boss. And, more importantly, I hate whichever of the bitch-asses in my office decided to look at some porno website and download some crazy-ass virus. Now, in addition to dealing with the crazy-ass customers and crazy-ass bitches in the office, I can't even escape to the internet.

THANK GOD FOR GAMEBOY! and Robert's Golden Sun game. I have been consumed for, oh, i don't know, like four whole days. Good news, it's passing time until viki-zilla decides to let us play games again, Bad news, i've almost finished the game. But, I went by the library tonight and got the entire Chronicles of Narnia, I've never read them and I figured, "hey, i got the time" plus I thing Jenn might like them. Ah, who am I kidding, she's already read them, and even if she hasn't she could read all seven books in like two hours.

So, i'm chilling at mom's house finishing up my laundry that got way out of hand and my washer and dryer is slowly dying (plus i didn't have any washing powder) So, in between trying to find a cell phone for Beto (if he would just be patient I trying to talk Amy into adding a phone on to her plan and giving it to him for Christmas) and looking up visa information for my in-laws, i decided to chit-chat with you all.

I miss you.

How have you been?


oh thanks for asking, i'm cool except that i have no internet. We still haven't gotten word on Beto's visa. So, keep your fingers crossed my imaginary friends. Jenn got tickets to The Shakespeare Tavern for the day after Thanksgiving (or in my crazy world-the day before Thanksgiving) Yeah, that day is gonna be uber-crazy-busy.

Well, gotta head out the B-man is headed this way with my little "stupidman" (who has beautiful teeth according to the dentist today) no doubt to try and play some games or watch some cartoons. either way, gotta go so he won't see me typing and think i have found a hot, young thing to whisk me away from all his madness. (yeah, i just put that there because he's reading over my shoulder)

Well, i'm out. (still stalling) (stall) (stall, stall, stall) (stally, stally, stally) (stally, mcstall-stall) ok, for real, i'm going.

Sorry, i didn't get a chance to read my friends page. I do care about you all. really. no. i'm being serious. ok, gotta go.


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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
10:01 am - boooooo!
the clean air lady just called and said she cannot make it by the office today. so, she's gonna bring my gift card tomorrow. good thing i did get that cash from beto. now, i'm not a evil wife, i'm just a smart consumer. still sucks though.
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8:12 am
today the lady from the clean air campaign is supposed to bring me my $25 gift card. yeahness! i am such a bad wife, i told my husband yesterday that i was going after work to get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed and he asked me how i was going to pay for it. he says "are you gonna pay with the card?" and, i am thinking the gift card, so i say "yes" he says (obviously thinking i meant the bank card) "no, don't do that, i have cash, here's $30, you won't need more than that will you?" and my evil self says "no, that should be fine" evil, evil wife.

well, i am still sick, and it's now gotten to the point where it's more gross than i feel bad. you know snot and what not. but, i am trying to take care of myself, eventhough all my moms in the office ripped me a new one because my hair is still wet and it's cold outside. sorry, i didn't have time to dry it, i had to shave my legs this morning because i am getting a pedicure this afternoon and i would like to take full advantage of the leg massage that comes with it. it's all about priorities.

here's the real issue for today......when i get my pedicure, do i get a full set of nails as well?

i went to Red Lobster with my parental units last night since my dad has finally started his new job driving a truck and will not be in town this weekend for my actual birthday. it was good to see him. i missed him. i know it's crazy. cortez actually behaved at dinner, which is always nice. beto has decided to go to my birthday party tomorrow (omg! it's tomorrow!) so i have to sweet talk my aunt and have her watch cortez for me. still don't know if that's gonna work, so everyone-cross your fingers and toes and everything else that she'll watch him.

well, i'm out-y.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
10:29 am - ick!
i'm sick.

i think i'm dying.

it's probably just the flu.

i'm sick.

and my birthday party is on thursday. mom and dad are taking me to dinner at red lobster tonight. then, tomorrow the lady from the clean air campaign is coming to my office to deliver my $25 visa gift card. and after work me and amy are going to get our feet done and eyebrows waxed. then, thursday is the par-tay. and friday is the concert. saturday i have no definate plans but amy wants to go to a haunted house. i would like it if a group of people went with me and not just amy-she thinks it's funny when i get so friggin' scared i almost wet my pants. then, sunday is my actual birthday and i don't know what i'm gonna do. amy says we should do something but i don't know what. in the mix of all that i need to get the supplies for my halloween costume and actually make it. maybe that's a saturday/sunday thing. so that i can come to work dressed up on monday. i still need to get cortez's costume. his school, instead of doing halloween, has decided to dress up as clowns and have clown day. cute idea but cortez wanted to be superman. (when he says it-it sounds like "stupidman"-funny, also, if you can get him to say i love my horse and fishes it sounds like he's saying "i love my whores and bitches"-really funny) so, now i have to convince him that a clown is a cool costume. when, it's really lame. maybe i can dress him as one of those demon clowns, ha ha ha matthew (my little brother) would shit himself if cortez snuck up on him dressed like a demon clown (he's scared of clowns).

anyway, so i'm checking out. this past sunday we went to agatha's. we were supposed to go on saturday, but my family waits until the last minute to do anything so they were booked for saturday, which really sucked because i could have gone to nc with jennifer if i'd have known we weren't gonna go to agatha's until sunday. heh that's life. maybe i'll go curl up in the showroom and take a nap. i could see it now "don't mind the fat girl in the corner, she's just dying, isn't this hat lovely?" yeah, they care around here. i'm gonna have chili for lunch, maybe that will make me feel better.

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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
9:08 am
did you know that yahoo has games you can play?

well, they do. and that is the new obsession in the office. there is a game named text twist that the three amigas are addicted to. apparently, the game works by the computer giving you 6 letters and you have to come up with as many words as you can with those letters. so, at any given moment, you can hear one of the three amigas screaming "memo" "demo" "dome" and other various words. i know this because they have decided to camp out at the desk in front of mine for the "text twist tournament." can you be arrested for noise pollution? (come on-i know i have a cop friend-there's gotta be some kind of charges i can press. is there a law against being annoying? if not i think i should potition senate to enact one)

well, jenn's going to ncrf this weekend. cool for her. i am going to agatha's (it's a comedy/dinnershow/mystery theatre) we were supposed to go on saturday night, but my effing lazy-a family have decided that yesterday (three days before the show) they were going to make the reservation. and, of course, they are all booked for saturday-which means we have to go either friday (my mom can't go because she is having a house-warming party) or sunday (which may conflict with some people's church schedules-if they go to church) so, basically, i may not be able to go to agatha's at all. yeah, happy birthday to me.

next week is jam packed full. thursday is my birthday party at compound. only 5 people have confirmed. woo hoo. we are gonna throw down.

beto has turned into crazy psycho jealous boy detective and is annoying the crap out of me all the time. here's the evidence he has lost his mind:

last wed.:
he wakes me up at 10:30 at night (granted i was only half-asleep) to come into the kitchen and cook him some dinner. he has just come in from his and Jaimee (our roomate) weekly two hour trip to the store. i mean come on-the store is the size of a closet, if you can't find the stuff easily, then something is wrong with you. so he wakes me up and i start whipping up some good stuff and the whole time he's talking to me (1. i'm ill because i am awake) he says "you are worried i'll come up to your work and watch you?" what? you freak. no, because until this moment i thought you were a rational person who did not have stalker tendencies. but, now that you say that. wait, i'm not worried anyway because i'm not doing anything to be worried about. (as some of you may remember-when my husband and i split up almost two years ago, i had a relationship with one of my coworkers-he has since been fired, so it's not even like that temptation is there so he can just BACK THE F OFF ME)

last sun:
we are at my mom's house. my sister is chatting online with her new boyfriend (who is really an old friend) in egypt. my tattoo is in arabic so she wants to show him so that he can translate it, even thought i already know what it says. beto is currently walking out the door to go to my aunt's house to help her wash her truck because my uncle is coming in from the road on monday. he goes outside to get cortez and bring him in because he's leaving and of course, he comes into the room where i am currently showing my tattoo to some crazy egyptian guy online. later, on the way home he says "you told me to go help your aunt because you wanted to go back there with amy and chat with that guy" ok, no. you wanted to go help her, i didn't tell you to. and amy asked me to show the tattoo, i didn't go dancing around saying "ooo, look at me, look at me" (my tattoo is on my back at the base of my neck-not even a privet place so he can BACK THE F OFF ME)

then, last night:
after he has made his weekly, two hour trip to the store with Jaimee, he comes home and we need to go give my older brother a ride home from work. we get home and i'm outside smoking my nightly "before i go to bed" cigarette-he comes outside and we're chit chatting about going to the compound for my birthday. he has decided that eventhough it is latin night and they will be playing spanish music, it's a stupid club and he doesn't want to go. he's never been, and he's always bitching he wants to go dancing at one of the clubs downtown, but now, all the sudden, he doesn't want to go, and he wants to make me feel stupid because i do. fine, whatever. then, we are discussing this weekend's agatha's escapade where he comments to me "i know, after you leave there you're going to go somewhere else." what? you know? the show starts at 7:00 and it's three hours long which means we won't even get out of there until 10:00. then, another 30 minutes to get home. so, i'll be getting home around 10:30 or 11:00. (i have to go to work the next day. yeah, i'm gonna feel like running the streets. sure. BACK THE F OFF ME)

so, as you can see, he's tripping out for no apparent reason. any opinions as to how i can make him feel better and confident in our relationship would be appreciated. i have invited him to all of my birthday activities and he has turned me down everytime. i just don't know what else to do.

well, i have to get to work. (or pretend to work) see ya later!

(fragile_star made me a new icon, and it totally rocks my socks!! garth brooks is SOOO HOT-AY!)

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
8:50 am
ok so i haven't posted in a while so i thought i would let my adoring public know what's going on. i just got off my period. yeah for periods. and i'm still pms-ing. everyone in this office, well, not everyone, but a lot just the same, is getting on my effing nerves. (ps-don't ask me how to operate the voicemail system if your not going to trust that i know what i'm talking about. if you don't think i know what i'm doing, don't ask me how i operate something. k?) anyway, so i'm ill, but i'm trying to get myself pumped up. i am going to the perry fair this weekend, which is cool. then next weekend we are going to agatha's for dinner theatre, then the next weekend i have my birthday party at compound on the 27th, then my mom got me tickets to the brooks and dunn/big and rich concert on friday, and then sunday is my birthday and i'm sure we'll go to dinner or something, then monday is halloween and i get to dress-up. i'm going as a basketcase this year (keeping in the tradition of being voted "most funniest" first year i was a bloomin' idiot and had flowers coming from everywhere, second year i was PWT and honey i looked as redneck as they come) i'm going to get little baskets and put them all over me, which means i need to make a trip to the farmer's market and buy the baskets. which takes money. and i just don't have that.
anyway, i'm off to win more pictures at mcdonald's. i've one 125 4x6 prints so far. i rock.

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Friday, October 7th, 2005
1:53 pm - yeah, baby!
i made an icon today. i tell you what, i am a pretty smart lady. i did it all by myself. whatcha' gonna do, bi-otches!?! that's what i thought. i am playing the monopoly game at mcdonald's. i have currently won 100 4x6 prints, free from snapfish. who also make personalized postage stamps. cool, huh? yeah, i wish i had won the stamps free. i would so have some lost boys stamps. anyway. off to try to take over the world!! mwahahaha!

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Thursday, October 6th, 2005
4:52 pm - do you think this comes in plus sizes?!?
You Are A....Witch!



What's Your Halloween Costume? .:with pics:.
brought to you by Quizilla
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Monday, September 26th, 2005
10:18 am - hopefully this worked right.....


if this worked you are looking at a picture of my sister and my mommy...

if it didn't-oh well, you guys know i'm not computerly inclined.

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Friday, September 23rd, 2005
5:03 pm - really quick...a quiz....so true.
You are sad because of your fear

Why are you sad? [amazing pictures] For darker people
brought to you by Quizilla

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